Course curriculum

    1. Course 1 Overview: Fundamentals of Trade and Transport Logistics

    1. C1 Topic 1m1_ Introduction to Trade and Transport Logistics and the Supply/Value Chain

    2. C1 Topic 2m1_Managing Freight Transport, Modes, Rates and Best Practice.

    3. C1 Topic 3m1_ Managing Commercial Aspects of International Trade

    4. C1 Topic 4m1_Using Customs Tariffs during Export, Transit and Import

    5. C1 Topic 5m1_ Evaluating Legal Aspects and Liabilities

    6. Course One Quiz 1

    1. C1 Topic 1m2_ Introduction to Trade Policy

    2. C1 Topic 2m2_ Introduction to World Trade Organization (WTO) & Trade Facilitation Agreement ( TFA)

    3. C1 Topic 3m2_ Africa's Economic Integration through Trade and Transport

    4. C1 Topic 4m2_ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Trade and Transport

    5. C1 Topic 5m2_The Blue Economy

    6. Course One Quiz 2

    1. Course Two Overview; Transport and Logistics Legal Foundation

    1. C2 Topic 1m1: Trade and Sale of Goods – Legal and Contractual Frameworks

    2. C2 Topic 2m1: Standard Trade Terms (Terms of International Trade)

    3. C2 Topic 3m1: Legal Aspects of Trade Finance

    4. C2 Topic 4m1: Claims and Dispute Resolution

    5. Course 2 Quiz 1

    1. C2 Topic 1m2: Carriage of Goods Contracts in the International Trade

    2. C2 Topic 2m2-: Electronic Commerce

    3. Course2 Quiz 2

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